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Do not hesitate trying Repair Corel Tool Free if you experience data corruption issues affecting the integrity of CorelDraw illustrations.

This software allows repairing the contents of CDR files without any difficulties of you, please choose this method of repair Corel files if you are pressed in time and there are no backup copies of corrupted illustration. This repair Corel solution can be applied without the presence of reliable Internet links so you may get it on any PC, click the setup file to proceed and prepare to open CorelDraw illustrations by clicking the shortcut of Repair Corel Tool Free. After the first start of CDR recovery software you may find a file of CorelDraw format on your HDD and move to the analysis of selected document, the next stage is fully automated so there is no need to modify the settings of CorelDraw recovery engine. Use the file selection dialog that is called after you click the open file button and move to the selection of affected CorelDraw file, this document can be located anywhere in the network and there is no risk for this file during the analysis, performed by Repair Corel Tool Free. The efficiency of CorelDraw recovery is independent from the software configuration in use, so you may apply this solution in all instances of data corruption affecting the integrity of CDR files. Please get some rest after the start of CorelDraw analysis and wait for the end of processing, it may take a while if the image is too large. After the end of image recovery the contents of corrupted illustration can be exported into another image file of CorelDraw format for further evaluation. Please use this CorelDraw recovery service if the results of analysis are good enough according to your opinion, there are no time limits for the evaluation of this tool, please keep on opening CDR files for as long as you need, the network support of Repair Corel Tool Free lets helping your colleagues.

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Last Updated on February 8, 2012