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There is no need to lose hope if you encounter some difficulties during the access to CorelDraw files. This approach to the process of fix Corel images is powered by Fix Corel Tool Free, it lets repairing the data without backup copies and other preventive measures. Please get it on your computer right now if there are no other methods of getting the data back and prepare to start the parsing of selected documents by deploying Fix Corel Tool Free on any computer in the network.

There are no any difficulties during the parsing of selected illustrations, you may simply click the shortcut of Fix Corel Tool Free and follow the instructions of CorelDraw recovery process. Look through the interface of Fix Corel Tool Free and evaluate its ease, you may quickly start the parsing of selected illustrations by selecting a file of CDR format on any disk in the network. It costs nothing because this application is free, please find a file of CorelDraw supported format to be analyzed and click the Next button to proceed. After the start of data recovery procedure you may get some rest and look through the status bar to track the progress of CorelDraw recovery.
Fix Corel Tool Free automatically moves to the following dialog when ready, it suggests converting the data into an undamaged document of CDR format. As soon as the recovery of selected illustration is successfully completed, you may open this file for evaluation and check the integrity of repaired image information, it is the only way to evaluate the efficiency of Fix Corel Tool Free. Keep in mind that Fix Corel Tool Free guarantees the safety of CorelDraw recovery, the illustrations in use are never modified by this software during the processing of CDR files. This application lets opening CorelDraw illustrations from any location in the network, including remote workstations and file servers.

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Last Updated on January 27, 2012