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Written by VicMan Software

Photo Toolkit is a free powerful and easy-to-use program to improve your digital images. With only a few clicks, you can automatically correct colors and remove red eye from a number of photos, retouch portraits, whiten teeth, add lighting effects, straighten and resize photos and more, directly from the standard Windows picture viewer. Correct your shots while viewing them. Photo Toolkit is the most popular lighting effect download. More »

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Last Updated on October 11, 2007
Light Artist Print E-mail
Written by VicMan Software

Light Artist is a unique image editing utility that allows you add realistic lighting effects to your photos and make 3D effects. By adding multiple light sources of different color and intensity, you can make various ambient illumination effects, boost color, make dull and unexciting tints warmer or brighter, highlight any image areas and modify the color scheme of an image changing the overall impression it produces. Light Artist is the second most popular lighting effect download. More »

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Last Updated on December 10, 2008
PhotoMagic Print E-mail
Written by Softease Software

PhotoMagic is Mac photo effect software to enhance your photos with filter effects, lighting effects and frame & border styles. It is created according to aesthetical principle, so the Mac photo enhancement software is sure to be a great assistant to enhance a photo. PhotoMagic is the third most popular lighting effect download. More »

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Last Updated on November 15, 2012
AKVIS LightShop Print E-mail
Written by AKVIS

AKVIS LightShop helps you make amazing light effects: lightning in a stormy sky, a colorful rainbow over a city, a reflection on a raindrop, the glow on smoldering wood in a fire-place, alien signs blazing in the night sky, flares on the sun, the lights of distant planets, fireworks - wherever your imagination may take you! For fast start the software offers ready-to-use light effects (presets). More »

See also: light effect, lighting, color, graphic program, plug in, plugin, glow, photoshop, effects, photo

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Last Updated on July 11, 2013
Photo! Editor Print E-mail
Written by VicMan Software

Photo! Editor is powerful multifunctional software offering a full set of image editing tools. Its user friendly and intuitive interface lets everyone to enhance their photos easily and with fun. Remove red eye automatically, denoise photos, enhance color, retouch portraits, make funny caricatures, add lighting effects and much more! With Photo! Editor everything you may need for image enhancement is right there at your fingertips! More »

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Last Updated on November 19, 2013