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MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition Print E-mail
Written by MiniTool Solution Ltd.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an easy-to-use and all in one free file recovery software for home users. With this most effective free file recovery tool, you do not need to have tech background to use it. All the data recovery steps are logical and easy like 1-2-3. Just follow the data recovery step, and you will get your lost data back. MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition is the most popular file download. More »

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Last Updated on November 30, 2013
TreeSize Free Print E-mail
Written by JAM Software GmbH

TreeSize Free tells you where the disk space has gone to. It can be started from the context menu of a folder or drive and shows you the size of this folder, including its subfolders and files. Scanning is done in a thread, so you can see results during the scan. Explorer context menu is supported within TreeSize, as well as the usual drag & drop operations. It now also includes the feature to show the NTFS compression rate. (NTFSRatio) TreeSize Free is the second most popular file download. More »

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Last Updated on January 1, 2014
7-Data Recovery Free Print E-mail
Written by SharpNight LLC
7-Data Recovery Free 2.3
7-Data Recovery Free 2.3

Free data recovery software to recover lost deleted photo, video, file, partition, document from hard disk, memory card, flash drive on Windows and mobile phone. Four different data recovery modes are integrated for rescuing files under almost any conditions including: accidentally deleted files, damaged or formatted hard drive; lost or deleted partition; photo or video lost from local drive, memory card, camera; file lost from mobile phone. 7-Data Recovery Free is the third most popular file download. More »

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Last Updated on January 6, 2014
Wise JetSearch Print E-mail
Written by

Wise JetSearch is a powerful but easy to use search tool. It is a great replacement for the Windows Search and Search Everything. It can save you a lot of time to find your files/ folders. It can run smoothly on Win 7/Vista/XP/2000. More »

See also: file search, local file search, quick search, jetsearch, free search tool

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Last Updated on January 7, 2014
Folder Size Print E-mail
Written by MindGems Inc.
Folder Size
Folder Size

Folder Size will analyze your hard drives and display the file and folder sizes so that you can easily check the distribution of your disk space. The application will display the sizes of the folders and files and also the percentage of the total disk size that they occupy. The neat report can be sorted in order to identify the largest folders and the largest files. More »

See also: Folder Size, Disk Size, Directory Size, Drive Analysis, Directory Analysis, Directory Tree, File Size

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Last Updated on January 17, 2014
Copy Path to Clipboard Print E-mail
Written by 4dots Software
Copy Path to Clipboard 1.5
Copy Path to Clipboard 1.5

4dots Copy Path to Clipboard is a free tiny shell extension that extends the right click menu of Windows Explorer and lets you to copy the path of the selected files or folders (one or multiple) to the clipboard. This is very useful when you just quickly need the path of the file , for example, to pass it as an argument to another application. Copies also the relative path, url path, unc path. One or multiple files or folders supported. More »

See also: path, file path, file utility, file utilities, file management, unc path, copy file path

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Last Updated on January 18, 2014
File Renamer Basic Print E-mail
Written by Sherrod Computers, Inc.

File Renamer Basic is a powerful and yet easy to use software that lets the user to rename files, folders, and MP3 files with ease. It has a file name filter so you can easily narrow down your search to only a specifc type of file or file name to work with. You can also remove x number of characters starting from x character and even find and replace text. In addition to its renaming capabilities, it also has a built-in ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag editor. More »

See also: Folders, Files, Rename, Renamer, File

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Last Updated on January 19, 2014
Beyond Compare Print E-mail
Written by Scooter Software
Beyond Compare 3.3.8
Beyond Compare 3.3.8

Beyond Compare is a directory and file compare utility. Synchronize files between laptop and PC, home and office, etc. Compare directory trees side-by-side with mismatches highlighted. Display text files side-by-side with changes highlighted. Great for merging changes to source code. Handles minor editing, Unicode files, Delphi form files. Save favorite sessions for fast access. Built-in FTP and zip support. More »

See also: diff, merge, comparison, synchronization, directory, folder, file, compare, beyond, side-by-side

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Last Updated on January 20, 2014
CleanDisk Print E-mail
Written by FMJ-Software
CleanDisk 3.2
CleanDisk 3.2

There exists many kinds of temporary files, backup files, log files, cache files and other files of a similar nature that slowly eat up your hard disk space. CleanDisk will help you automate the task of removing most such unwanted files. Using a fast and easy to use process it will scan your hard disk(s) for unwanted files and then assist you in deleting them. It's as easy as that! More »

See also: clean, disk, junk, file, cleaner, search, remove, uninstall

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Last Updated on January 21, 2014
Remo Recover Free Edition Print E-mail
Written by Remo Software
Remo Recover Free Edition
Remo Recover Free Edition

Remo Recover Free edition is the best free data recovery software to get back accidentally deleted or lost files, photos, music and video files quickly. It comes handy when you have lost photos, music or video files from digital cameras, mobile phones, external hard drive, iPod, pen drives, memory cards or any other storage devices. With this free edition you will be able to recover 1 Giga Bytes of data. More »

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Last Updated on January 21, 2014
DMG Extractor Print E-mail
Written by Reincubate Ltd
DMG Extractor
DMG Extractor

The DMG Extractor can open a wide variety of Disk Image files and encrypted .dmg files as used on operating system X, without having to first convert them to ISO or IMG files. Works with all types of DMG files including Raw, Zlib, Bzip2, and Zero block type DMG files. More »

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Last Updated on January 31, 2014
Print Directory Print E-mail
Written by Ashisoft

Print directory structures easily, you can customize file lists to fit your own preferences. List filenames only, or include file size, date, time, path, extension, attributes, created date and time, accessed date, time and MP3 ID3 tags. You can format your output as text, HTML or RTF files. More »

See also: print directory tree, print directory listing, print directory window, print directory file, print list of directory, directory file print search, print directory contents, directory print, print folder contents, how to print folder list

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Last Updated on October 5, 2007
FileMonkey Print E-mail
Written by MonkeyJob Systems

FileMonkey automates common file operations which would otherwise be tedious and time consuming. This package can split, search, replace, crop, rename, alter case, change accessed created and modified dates, generate lists, trim and truncate, set attributes, encypt, decrypt, wipe, delete, extract, manage duplicate files and more More »

See also: files, file, merge, copy, move, join, split, list, rename, search, replace, truncate, trim, crop, date, print, duplicate, modified, created, keywords, case, extract, renaming, wipe, erase, batch, jobs

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Last Updated on October 18, 2007
10-Strike SearchMyDiscs Print E-mail
Written by 10-Strike Software

Catalog your CD and DVD data disks. Create CD/DVD database and search it for needed files and disks. Organize and maintain big collections of disks and other file resources (local and network folders). Browse and search for files, photographs, and folders on the disks of your collection without getting the disks from their cases, loading them into your computer, and having to view the disks one by one. More »

See also: catalogue, catalog, search, disk, disc, find, file, dvd, organize, maintain, collection, folder, mp3, cataloger, cataloguer, thumbnail, exif, id3, report, digital, photo, SearchMyDiscs, 10-Strike

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Last Updated on September 20, 2008
SPACEWatch pro Print E-mail
Written by Sharpeware Ltd

SPACEWatch Pro is the quickest and easiest way to free up disk space. Find unwanted files. Find file duplicates. See treesizes and many other instant analyses. Manage disk storage. Use it with Windows, NetWare, UNIX - or Exchange and Lotus Domino for email storage management. Editions available for your desktop, small business - or the entire enterprise. Use it for problem solving or to plan your next big migration. See More »

See also: spacewatch, network, unix, active, directory, nds, space, files, disks, manage, quota, public folders, exchange management, email storage, storage management, duplicates, file duplicate, treesize

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Last Updated on October 8, 2007
SoftPerfect File Recovery Print E-mail
Written by SoftPerfect Research

SoftPerfect File Recovery is a free and useful tool to restore accidentally deleted files from hard and floppy disks, USB flash drives, CF & SD cards and other storage media. It supports the popular file systems such as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 with compression and encryption. If your important files disappeared and you can?t find them in the recycle bin, try the software product and get the files back to life. No installation required More »

See also: data recovery, undelete, file recovery, file undelete, recovery software, ntfs, fat, unerase, lost, recover, recovering, restore, file, files, restore, deleted, floppy, hdd, hard drive, disk, drive, rescue, diskette

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Last Updated on October 10, 2007
AttributeMagic Standard Print E-mail
Written by Elwinsoft

Rename, change file/folder date-time stamps and attributes in batch mode. You can set or reset individual attributes, Accessed, Modified and Created dates, date-time shifting and masking, filters. You can set or reset individual attributes, Accessed, Modified and Created dates, Custom filters can be applied to process certain items. More »

See also: modify file date, change file date, file, attribute, date, time, modify, created, accessed, stamp, change file date-time, change file timestamp

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Last Updated on October 11, 2007
TreeSize Professional Print E-mail
Written by JAM Software

Powerful and flexible harddisk space manager for Windows. For each folder TreeSize Professional shows you the size, allocated and wasted space, number of files, 3D bar and pie charts, the last access date, the file owner, the permissions and more information. The results can be printed or exported to Excel, HTML, XML or ASCII. It also lets you search for old, big, obsolete, duplicate files. Unicode and Scheduled scans are supported. More »

See also: TreeSize, Professional, TreeSize, harddisk, hard, disk, usage, monitor, folder, size, wasted, space, compression, directory, disk, space, hard, rate, ACL, owner, server, manager, large, allocated, TreeSize, Explorer, FAT, NTFS, FAT32, file

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Last Updated on October 13, 2007
EasyFP Print E-mail
Written by JDSoft

Sometimes do you want a program that can protect your important files not being deleted forever? EasyFP is such a program which prevent your important files not be deleted unexpectedly. By monitoring all of file operations on encrypted files, EasyFP make sure all of encrypted files can't be deleted, renamed and modified until they are decrypted. EasyFP is easy to use, just a few clicks to encrypt important files and protect them. More »

See also: file access, delete, rename, encrypt folders or files, encryption, password, protect file, encryption file, encryption, decrypt, password, secure, privacy, windows explorer, encrypt files and folders

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Last Updated on October 16, 2007
CloneSensor Print E-mail
Written by IQRSoft

CloneSensor is a very different duplicate file finder with a view to organizing the collections of files. It has ultra fast searching speed with special optimized algorithm and provides many batch processing commands to help you find and delete duplicate files. It also provides many ways to rename or batch rename filenames for organizing your collections better. More »

See also: CloneSensor, find, search, delete, remove, duplicate, duplicates, file, files, finder, remover, duplicate file, duplicate files, delete duplicate files, duplicate file finder, duplicate file remover, find duplicate files, remove duplicate files

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Last Updated on October 17, 2007